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Textbooks: Textbooks

Textbooks @ JWU Denver

The library does not purchase course textbooks. As a student, textbook purchases are your responsibility. Your instructor may put a textbook on reserve, but not all instructors do.

Visit the Library's Borrowing Services guide to learn more about course reserve policies.

To see if the Library owns your course textbook, search our e-book collections or the Library Catalog.

Campus Bookstore

The Campus Bookstore is operated by Follett Higher Education Group. Textbooks are available for purchase in the bookstore or through their website.

You may also rent textbooks through Follett's textbook rental service. For more details, visit their Help/FAQ page.

Textbook Saving Ideas




Other Considerations

Use the Library’s Reserve copy of the text.

o     No cost involved.

o     It can be taken out of the Library for 2 hours.

o     The Library relies on faculty to donate the texts; not all faculty do.

o     Textbook may be checked out when you need it.

o     During peak times (i.e., prior to assignments being due, finals), demand for the text will be high. You may not get the textbook when you need it.

Use the Center for
Academic Support’s (CAS) copy of the text.

o     No cost involved.

o     The text MUST be used in conjunction with a CAS tutor.

Buy a used copy of the textbook.

o     Textbooks are typically priced well below retail value.

o     If ordering online, refunds may be difficult to obtain.

o     Make sure you have the correct edition and ISBN before ordering.

o     Compare prices. The campus bookstore may have the best prices.

Rent the textbook.

o     Textbooks are typically priced well below retail value.

o     Books are shipped quickly and directly to your door.

o     Many textbook rental companies donate a part of their profits to charity.

o     If you don’t return or extend your rental on time, you will be charged a fee for the purchase of the textbook.

o     You may not be able to highlight or mark up pages in the book.

o     May have to return the book before the term ends.

o     It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read the entire contract before renting any textbooks so you understand the expectations from the bookstore and the potential costs involved.

Share the cost with a classmate... or two!

o     Reduces your price by half or two-thirds.

o     Scheduling time to use the book can be difficult and might cause tension between friends.

This option works best for students who:

o     are in different sections of the same course (i.e., the course runs on different days or times).

o     live in close proximity to one another.