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FAFSA Verification Guide: Welcome

Helping students understand and get through the FAFSA Verification process.

FAFSA Verification

Verification is the process used by the Department of Education to ensure the information provided on a FASFA is accurate. In most cases, students are selected for verification at random, although some students may be asked to verify information that appears to be inconsistent. 

This guide is intended to be used by students and families trying to clear verification flags so that they can receive complete and finalized financial aid awards. 

AFTER you have received an email from your Financial Planner stating what documents we are requesting, you can go to this site to retrieve the document or learn more about the document being requested. 

Documents can be submitted as follows:

1.) Secure upload:

2.) Fax:: 401-598-1040, if faxing please record your student ID number in the upper right-hand corner of each page. 

3.) Mail (slowest option): Student Financial Services, Johnson & Wales University, PO Box 5956, Providence, RI 02903


Documentation we provide, you complete and submit

Documentation you provide and submit

Hover over the document '' to learn more...