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Database Help: Welcome

Use this guide to find videos, tutorials, and search strategy tips for the databases to which the Library subscribes.

Off-Campus Access

The Library provides remote access to journals, magazines, newspapers, E-books, streaming videos, and more.

To access these resources from off-campus, under the Quick Links box on the Library's home page, click on Databases A-Z link and when prompted, enter your JWU Wildcat email and password if you have not already logged in to your JWU account.

Journal Lookup

To see if JWU Library subscribes to a particular journal, just click on the link below and then type in the name of the journal.

Choosing a Database

Databases provide you with 24-7 access to magazine, journal and newspaper articles via the Internet. To help you identify the most appropriate database for your topic/subject, consult the:

  • descriptions listed under each database name
  • LibGuide that covers the subject area or topic.

To learn more about finding articles, check out the Library's Research Process Guide.


BOOLEAN - a method of combining terms in a logical way. Named for mathematician George Boole.

CONTROLLED VOCABULARY - A standardized word or phrase list.

DATABASE - A collection of computer records that have a standard format, usually containing Fields that are searchable.

DESCRIPTOR -Words or phrases used as Subject Headings in a database.

KEYWORD SEARCHING - Searching which uses a few important, words to retrieve books or articles on a specific topic.

OPERATOR - a word or symbol or phrase used in searching to combine search terms, usually AND, OR, NOT

THESAURUS - When an index or database uses Controlled Vocabulary the thesaurus is an alphabetical listing of the terms currently in use.

TRUNCATION - shortening a word to it's "trunk" with a wildcard symbol.  Used to find plurals or alternate spellings of words.

WILDCARD - a symbol used at the end of a word (Truncation) or in the middle, to represent missing letters.