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Copyright Compliance: Getting Started

Copyright Questions?

If you have questions about what type of media you can use in your class, how much can you copy and use for class material,  if you have questions about using images from the internet, or any questions about Copyright or Fair Use, please contact: 

Victoria West-Pawl, Reference and Instructional Services Librarian
303-256-9378 or 

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that any suggestions the librarians give is not legal advice as we are not lawyers. We are here to help guide the JWU Community on Copyright Compliance.


This guide provides practical information and guidance in handling the copyright issues confronting educators today.


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Basic Information About Copyright

The purpose of copyright law is to give protection, for a limited time, to authors of original works. Copyright law is also designed to promote science and the arts by facilitating the dissemination of knowledge. The sites listed below contain background information and detailed overviews of copyright law.  For the complete Copyright Law, go to --

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