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Clickers: TurningPoint

Use this guide to find information on Clickers at the JWU Denver campus.

Turning Point Cloud

Effective January 31, 2016, Turning Point 5 software will no longer be available via the Turning Technologies website. This means that beginning in academic year 16-17, IT will need to replace all installs of Turning Point 5 (on classroom and faculty computers), with the new version, Turning Point Cloud. Instructors will need to create a free Turning Point Cloud account in order to create and deliver student response presentations in PowerPoint with this new version of the Turning Point software. Please view the following video for detailed instructions:



You can create your free account here:

TurningPoint Response Systems

"TurningPoint audience response system integrates 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint® and allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a ResponseCard™ keypad or other hand-held/computer devices.

Using a TurningPoint audience response system, your PowerPoint presentations become powerful data collection and assessment tools that collect real-time audience responses and dramatically improves productivity and results for your business or educational organization. Author, deliver, assess and report without ever leaving PowerPoint.

Engage participants, assess learning, gather data, or enhance presentations with TurningPoint."

--From Turning Technology's website

Software Requirements

To create a presentation using the clickers, the Turning Point software must be installed on the creator's computer. Faculty members can either:

To present using the clickers, the Turning Point software must be installed on the instructor's computer. Currently, all classroom computers have the Turning Point software.

Getting Started

The documents above include instructions on how to create a PowerPoint presentation using the TurningPoint software.

The online tutorials provided by Turning Technologies (available here: will provide more in-depth assistance on using the software and clickers.

TurningPoint in the Classroom

Reserving the Clickers

Clickers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and need to be reserved. Please contact the Instructional Technologist to reserve clickers for your classroom. 

The University has 3 sets of 25 Turning Point clickers, 1 set of 32 Turning Point clickers, and 3 sets of 50 iClickers available for use.  Clickers can be checked out for 24 hours or 7 days.

Suggestion: Check out the clickers before you plan to use them in the classroom. This will ensure everything is working properly before you need to use them.