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Honors Program at JWU Denver: Foundational Courses

Honors Thesis Courses

Foundational Courses

All students at JWU must complete introductory and advanced composition courses. 

In Honors Program, these courses (ENG 1024 and ENG 1027) focus on writing and discourse specific to particular fields and disciplines. In these classes, Honors students will engage with various genres that allow for creative, academic, and professional development. The focus on civic discourse also allows students to expand their writing and discussions to areas of political, economic, social, and cultural interests.

(A student may opt out of these courses if they have the appropriate AP, IB, or transfer credits. Please consult your advisor.)

ENG1024 and ENG1027

undefined ENG 1024: Writing in the Academy

This course introduces students to academic writing by exposing them to various discipline-specific ways of knowing, all of which stress critical thinking, research skills and the writing process.

Can be used to meet ENG 1020 requirement.


undefined    ENG 1027 Civic Discourse

This course builds on the skills developed in Honors Composition: Writing in the Academy (ENG 1024) by introducing the element of civic discourse into academic writing in the disciplines.

Can be used to meet ENG 1021 requirement.