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Honors Program at JWU Denver: Honors Theses and Defenses

Honors Thesis Courses

Sophie Braker, "When I Grow Up: A Dialogical Analysis of Young Adult Literature," Spring 2020

   (Click the flyer to view Sophie's Thesis Defense!)

Sophie Braker

Graduating class of 2020

B.A. Media and Communications Studies

Brad Green, "'And Then the World Exploded': An Ontology of Horror and Systemic Oppression," Winter 2019

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Brad Green

Graduating class of 2019 (Winter)

B.S. Culinary Nutrition

Kailah Cieminski, “Freedom Through Witchcraft: A Feminist Comeback,” Spring 2020

Kailah Cieminski

Graduating class of 2020

B.S. Applied Psychology 

Click on the link to read the full Thesis.

Richard DuBois, "The Natural World: A Warning Not to Manipulate Mother Nature," Spring 2020

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Richard DuBois

Graduating class of 2020

B.A. English: Writing and Literature

Hailey Jensen, "No More Stolen Sisters: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Victimization of Indigenous Women and Girls in North America," Winter 2019

undefined   (Click the flyer to view Hailey's Thesis Defense!)

Hailey Jensen

Graduating Class of 2019 (Winter)

B.A. Liberal Studies

Asia Harris, "Multiracial Experiences and Academic Resilience," Spring 2019

Asia Harris

Graduating Class of 2019

B.S. Applied Psychology