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Streaming Videos: FAQ

What are Streaming Videos?

You can view streaming videos online with a computer or laptop. This is generally done using a Web browser. You can also view videos on downloadable devices such as the Kindle, iPad, or one of many kinds of smartphones.

What are Streaming Videos?

  • AKA movies
  • Electronic and online versions of movies or films electronic format only
  • May be part of a collection of streaming videos or may stand alone
  • Used for research or for leisure viewing
  • Current or historical (i.e, primary sources)

Why use Streaming Videos?

  • Streaming Videos are available 24/7
  • Access them on or off-campus
  • Avoid waiting for materials
  • Avoid library fines

What is a Streaming Video?

How do I?

Can I embed a streaming video?

  • Depends on the platform and publisher.  Look for an Embed this or Share this button or link

Can I save a streaming video?

  • Digital rights management software restricts users
  • Publishers do not usually allow users to save
  • If saving is allowed, there may be restrictions on how long for