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Center for Academic Support Home Page: Alt. Format and Audio Text

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Alternate Format and Audio Text

Alternate format (Alt-format) text is an accommodation that gives a student access to required course textbooks in a format other than traditional print (pdf, audiobook, braille, etc.).

Because textbooks in alternate format are not created at JWU, a search for the alternate format will be made.  Please note that this process can take 2-5 weeks or longer, so please request immediately after registration. You may need to contact the instructor directly in order to find out the required texts for the upcoming term.  It is the student's responsibility to complete the following steps as soon as possible:


1)  Register for classes.

2)  Email or stop by the office with the textbook information (ISBN, Title, Editor, Publisher, Year, Edition, etc.).

3)  Indicate the format that you are requesting (accessible PDF, ebook, braille, etc.).

4)  Submit the original receipt as proof of purchase of your textbooks (due to copyright laws).  

Your request will be processed once all 4 steps have been completed.