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Center for Academic Support Home Page: Academic Coaching

Home page for the Center for Academic Support, Denver Campus

Welcome to Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching provides students with the chance to work individually with professional staff members to enhance their academic skills, gain confidence, discover motivation, and improve performance. Students can schedule 30 minute meetings as often as they like - once a week, every two weeks, or every month depending on their individual needs.

Academic Coaching can help you to ...

  • Identify and work through obstacles getting in the way of academic success
  • Develop study skills and habits necessary to be a successful college student
  • Get motivated and stop procrastinating
  • Prepare for tests and reduce anxiety
  • Establish a balance between academic rigor and extracurricular activities
  • Improve time management skills
  • Learn the importance of making notes and acquire the “how to”
  • Develop short and long term goals for success
  • Learn self-discipline, self-motivation and self-efficacy

Academic Coaching Flow Chart

What will happen in Academic Coaching?

The flowchart below shows what is involved in the Academic Coaching process.