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Outside Scholarship Guide: Other Helpful Resources

JWU guide for outside scholarships!

iGrad Scholarship mini-course

Who doesn't love free money? Scholarships are an option for students to use to help alleviate some of the costs of their education and the best part is the money does not have to be paid back. There are many different scholarships available for students to apply for. This course will cover how to identify which scholarships you qualify for, how to apply, and tips on earning a scholarship.

igrad Scholarship e-Book

Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Guide


The Free Scholarship Search tool sponsored by the United States Department of Labor Website

Scholarship Databases

There are a pluthera of scholarship databases to choose from, be careful, watch for scams, but also use these websites as resources when searching for scholarships: (Creata an Account) (Create an Account)

UNIGO (Create an Account)

Big Future / College Board: (Create an Account)

Online Colleges, Online Degrees and College Scholarship Website:

Scholarships for Women:

International Students Planning to Study in the USA:

International Scholarships:

Discover Business Scholarships (100+ Private Business Scholarships):

National CO-OP Scholarship Program:

Student Scholarship Search:

SallieMae: (Create an Account)

Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Guide: / Scholarship Search Tool:


Article: Top US College Scholarships for 2019:


Year round access to scholarship matching, writing help with Editor and solving math problems with Math. $44.99/yr