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Entrepreneurship: Articles

Periodicals Defined

Periodicals are publications which are issued at regular intervals, such as journals, magazines, and newspapers.

To help you identify different periodicals, refer to the Types of Periodicals guide.

Suggested Keywords

    Print Periodicals

    The following periodicals are available in print in the Library.

    For a complete listing of titles owned by the Library, visit the Periodicals guide.

    Recommended Databases - Industry Profiles

    Recommended Databases - Demographics and Market Trends

    Recommended Databases - Company Profiles

    Additional Databases - Company News

    Journal Lookup

    To see if JWU Library subscribes to a particular journal, just click on the link below and then type in the name of the journal.

    Open Source Journals

    Open source or open access journals provide unrestricted, free access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.