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FSM3001 Food Service Management Systems & Human Resource Applications (Puckett): HR Project

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in Puckett's FSM3001.

Research Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to have you develop a new management position for a foodservice operation. 

Task 1: Develop a job description and job specifications for the position.

Task 2: Participate in the recruitment, selection, and hiring process.

Task 3: Provide orientation and training. 

Task 4: Develop performance standards, conduct performance evaluations, and provide appropriate reward, feedback and/or corrective action. 

Tasks 2-4

To find materials for Tasks 2-4, use the quick search box below to search the Library Catalog using the following keywords:

  • recruitment
  • employee and orientation
  • employee and training
  • employee and rating
  • employee selection
  • hiring
  • diversity in the workplace
  • performance standard
  • personnel management 
  • employee interviewing

Library materials on human resources often have call numbers that fall within HF5549.5 to HF5550. Materials on human resources related to the hospitality industry generally have call numbers that start with TX911.3 .P4.

Recommended Websites - Job Descriptions

Worldcat Discovery Search

Job Descriptions vs Job Postings Tutorial

Recommended Books - Job Descriptions

For Task 1, you are to create an original job description and job specifications. The following titles are located in the Library's Reference Collection and do not circulate outside the Library. For more information, click the title link.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides:

  • job duties
  • training and education required
  • earnings
  • job prospects
  • working conditions

Online Job Descriptions

It's often difficult to locate job descriptions on the Internet.

However, BLR, the company that produces the BLR Job Description Encyclopedia in print (see the Recommended Reference Books section of this guide for details), offers a free trial of their online job description database.

The Library does not subscribe to this source, but you can sign up for the free trial by going to the BLR website and providing your contact information. 

BLR also provides salary information on their site.