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HIST2002 Bibliography: N

Use this guide to find books for Dr. Moulton's HIST2002 class.

Authors with last name beginning with N

Nachtstern, Moritz, translated by Margrit Rosenberg Stenge, Counterfeiter:  How a Norwegian Jew Survived the Holocaust (New York, New York:  Osprey Publishing, 2008), pp. 288.


Nasaw, David, Andrew Carnegie (New York, New York:  Penguin Press, 2006), pp. 878.


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Nicholl, Charles, Leonardo da Vinci:  Flights of the Mind, A Biography (New York, New York:  Viking, 2004), pp. 623.


Noonan, Peggy, John Paul the Great:  Remembering A Spiritual Father (New York, New York:  Viking/Penguin Group, 2005), pp. 238.


Norwich, John Julius, Absolute Monarchs:  A History of the Papacy (New York, New York:  Random House, 2011), pp. 512. 

Neale, John E., Queen Elizabeth [I, 1533-1603.]  (New York, New York:  Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1934), pp. 402.  Also see:  Erickson, Carolly;  Fraser, Antonia;  Guy, John;  Mac Caffrey, Wallace;  Plowden, Alison;  and Rowse, A. L.


Newell, Clayton R., Lee vs. Mc Clellan:  The First Campaign, [1862.]  (Washington, D.C.;  Regency Publishing, Inc., 1996), pp. 325.  Also see:  Jordan, Donaldson;  Farwell, Byron;  Fishel, Edwin C.;  Foote, Shelby;  Marszalek, John;  Mc Feely, William S.;  Mc Pherson, James W.;  Sandburg, Carl;  Taylor, John M.;  and Willis, Brian Steel.  


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Noonan, Peggy, When Character Was King:  A Story of Ronald Reagan (New York, New York:  Viking, 2001), pp. 338.  Also see:  Baker, James A.;  Cannon, Lou;  Cannon, James;  Caro, Robert A.;  Dallek, Robert;  Donovan, Robert J.;  Greenstein Fred I.;  Matlock, Jack F. Jr.;  Perret, Geoffrey;  Reagan, Ronald;  Schweizer, Peter;  and Shultz, George P.