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FSM3060 Front of the House Operations Management: In-Class Research Assignment

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in FSM3060.

Research Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to research using the Johnson & Wales Denver library resources and to properly format an APA work cited page of researched material.

As you go through each step, be sure to collect all information needed for a properly formatted APA Works Cited page.

Periodicals Defined

Periodicals are publications which are issued at regular intervals, such as journals, magazines, and newspapers.

To help you identify different periodicals, refer to the Types of Periodicals guide.

Step 1

For Step 1, you need to locate three hospitality trade magazines in the JWU Denver Campus library that might be of use to the Article Review Assignment. Make a copy of each cover and one article from each trade magazine  and include as an attachment to this assignment.

Step 2

For Step 2, find two possible hospitality trade magazine articles that you might want to use for the Article Review Assignment or a research article for the Motivational Theory Research paper. We recommend the following databases.

Worldcat Discovery Search

Types of Periodicals Tutorial

Step 3

For Step 3, search the Library Catalog and list two books available in the JWU Denver Campus Library that would be useful in developing your knowledge of Dining Service Management. 

We recommend using the following keywords:

  • dining
  • dining services
  • food preparation
  • food service
  • inventory
  • inventory control
  • menu design
  • menu planning
  • menus
  • restaurants
  • wine storage

Step 4

For Step 4, go to the database listed below and search for a restaurant management (e.g. Brinker International) or a contract management company.  Print the company profile page.

Step 5

For Step 5, access the following database. In the Search Area, enter the restaurant management or contract management company you selected in step 4 above. In the Refine Search area, set the Date Published to search to six months from today's date. Click on search and print the results page and include as an attachment to this assignment. 

Step 6

For Step 6, create a properly formatted APA Work Cited page for the information you have collected in steps above.