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DIET4030 Medical Nutrition Therapy: Welcome

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in DIET4030.

APA Citation Resources

Since these are databases, you follow the database format, including as much information as is available. Information that is not available, simply omit.

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number, page range. Retrieved from

Since these database entries are not specifically articles, but rather monographs, you include this information in brackets following the title of the entry.

A word on URLs:  Since APA doesn’t want the entire permalink, which includes ezproxy information specific to our institution, you will need to enter the URL as it appears at the top of the screen, not the one that you get when you mail yourself a link to this page. Just copy and paste this part.

So, an example citation for a specific monograph would be:

Natural Medicines. (2012). Ayurveda [Monograph]. Retrieved from

If you have many citations from this database from the same year, you alphabetize the entries by the title and call them 2011a, 2011b, and so forth, in both the reference list entries and the in-text citations.

For all electronic articles, include the DOI (digital object identifier) in the reference if one is assigned. The DOI is typically listed on the first page of the article or in the detailed record of the citation.

Journal article, one author, full-text online database, with DOI (Perry, 1973, p.276)

Perry, A. (1973). The effect of heredity on attitudes toward alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee. Journal of Applied Psychology, 58(2), 275-277. doi: 10.1037/h0035527

Journal article, two authors, full-text online database, without a DOI (Baily & Sage, 1988, p.128)

Bailey, C. I., & Sage, G. H. (1988). Values communicated by a sports event: the case of the Super Bowl. / Valeurs transmises par un evenement sportif: le cas du"super-bowl". Journal Of Sport Behavior, 11(3), 126-143. Retrieved from

Natural Medicines examples

Kava (Piper methysticum G. Forst) In: Natural Standard. Somerville, MA: Natural Standard. [Published 2012; Accessed October 18, 2012]. Retrieved from

Kava. In: Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Stockton, CA: Therapeutic Research Faculty. [Updated October 18, 2012; Accessed October 18, 2012]. Retrieved from =100&id=872&ds=&name=KAVA&searchid=37784702

Please note that formatting is lost in this box. Remember to indent and space correctly.

Journal Lookup

To see if JWU Library subscribes to a particular journal, just click on the link below and then type in the name of the journal.