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PHIL3240 Ethics: A Global Perspective (Woolever): Article Critique

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in Woolever's PHIL3240

Research Assignment

You are required to submit a 2-3 page critique for articles related to the business ethics and your chosen industry.  You need to find peer-reviewed journal or newspaper articles.  The article you choose should be scholarly, empirical and current (within the past 1 to 2 years).

Related Resources

Recommended Databases

Additional Databases

Periodicals Defined

Periodicals are publications which are issued at regular intervals, such as journals, magazines, and newspapers.

To help you identify different periodicals, refer to the Types of Periodicals guide.

Empirical Research

Empirical Research is based on actual and objective observation and experimentation rather than theories or beliefs.

Empirical research articles should describe & discuss the results of empirical research studies. These articles can be found in academic (peer-reviewed) journals and often contain the following sections:

  • Abstract (Summary)
  • Introduction (Including literature review)
  • Methods or Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion and/or Conclusion
  • References (Bibliography)