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Faculty: Accommodated Testing Procedures

Accommodated Testing Procedures

Test Requests

Student steps

  • Student schedules test via online system or at desk in CAS (3 business days ahead of test date)
  • Student arrives in CAS on scheduled date and time

Faculty Steps 

  • Please respond to the email that is sent from Disability Services to faculty asking for a copy of the exam, class time limit, and instructions.Thank you. 

*Occasionally, staff availability, number of seats in the testing spaces,and extended time interfering with student schedules do affect testing dates and times. Efforts are made to align testing with class schedules, but this is not always possible. Thank you for your flexibility. 


Test Administration

In the testing room

  • Tests are proctored by University staff.
  • All students leave backpacks and phones in a seperate room.
  • Students are seated in one of two testing rooms. A proctor is either seated in the room, or is able to view the student through large windows in both rooms. 
  • All students are timed. 
  • Students who require assistive technology (AT) to read exams aloud are seated at a computer station in the testing room. Tests are loaded into the AT software, and students are able to control multiple variables that help them comprehend the written text (dictionary and synonym features are disabled). 

* If you are interested in seeing or learning about any of the assistive technology available in CAS, please contact Wendy Litman at 303-256-9451 or feel free to stop into CAS to see if she's available. 

Return of Tests to Faculty

  • If possible, tests are scanned an emailed back to faculty (it is sometimes difficult for staff to leave CAS if multiple tests are scheduled the same day)
  • Tests with scantrons are returned to faculty the afternoon of the testing date. Tests are left under locked office doors, or with department administrative assistants. Occasionally, tests are returned the following morning if proctored very late in the day or evening. 
  • If you have a preference about how an exam is returned to you, please communicate this in the email reply to the testing request. Thank you.