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Faculty: Why refer a student to CAS?

Why refer a student to CAS?

Faculty know their students in unique ways, and  have strong indicators about when a student needs additional support. The following are a few examples of when it might be a good idea to refer a student to the Center for Academic Support. 

1.) A student has significant struggles with writing. 

2.) A student is clearly struggling with retaining information learned in classes in which they were present. 

3.) A student seems unorganized or unable to manage time, and it clearly impacts learning. 

4.) A student shares that he/she has a disability and is indicating  he/she would like additional supports, but does not have an accommodation certificate. Please refer them to CAS.  Note: however, if a student has a noticeable physical difference, it is often unnecessary to refer to CAS (example being a student wears hearing aids or has a prosthetic limb, meets technical standards, and has not indicated any accommodation needs). 

5.) A student indicates that they are not good with numbers, reading comprehension, or anything specific to the content in your course.