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FSM4160 Food & Beverages Strategies & Logistics

Final Company Analysis/EXcutive Summary

Using all the skills acquired in your education you and your team will write a case study analysis of a publicly traded foodservice operation.  This 6-8 page paper and oral presentation will include a SWOT Matrix, charts and financials. You will need a minimum of four sources.

The written Final Company Anaylsis/Executive Summary must include the following:

  • The organization’s existing mission, vision, objectives and strategies.
  • An industry analysis
  • A review of the organization’s financial statements and performance ratios
  • A SWOT analysis and a prepared SWOT Matrix
  • A review of the current strategies the company is using
  • Discussion of advantages and disadvantages to strategies the company is useing
  • Propose at least 2 specific recommendations using the QSPM Matrix  

Your presentation will be 25-30 minutes and should include the following:

  • Company name and background
  • Brief overview of the industry analysis
  • Overview of the SWOT Matrix
  • Current strategies the company is currently pursuing
  • Discussion of alternate strategies
  • Detailed discussion of strategies you are suggesting and why