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Green Dot!: Green Dot

What is a Green Dot

The Three D's

Direct---Intervene directly with the people involved

Delegate----Pull in someone else who may be in a better position to help

Distract---Create a diversion to diffuse or deescalate the situation without putting yourself in harm's way.

Types of Barriers

The types of barriers are

personal, relationship, and organizational issues,

which impact the way in which individuals intervene.

Personal characteristics may include being shy, fearful, or uncertain and not wanting to risk embarrassment. 

Relationship characteristics involve not wanting to upset friends or be a party policer.

Organizational issues include the belief that someone else will intervene, the risk of embarrassment, or creating a scene.

What is a Green Dot?

A proactive Green Dot is when violence, Red Dot, will not be tolerated and everyone is expected to do his or her part to contribute to fostering a safe community.

What is a Green Dot

A reactive Green Dot is a single choice someone makes to use their words or actions to make it less likely that a Red Dot will occur.