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Adjunct Faculty: Welcome

About Johnson & Wales

JWU has a slightly different academic structure than most university that’s necessary to fulfill the academic goals of our student body. We are on a trimester system rather than semesters. Although the number of hours in the classroom remain the same, they are stretched out over a shorter period of time. New instructors may need to adjust to the longer course period of one hour and 55 minutes.

Students at JWU do not take the standard two years’ worth of core classes that they do at many other universities. Here students enter their majors right away, and take those courses alongside core requirements.

We also have a limited number of majors (Culinary, Business and Hospitality, Media Communication, Counseling Psychology, Criminal Justice, urban Studies and Liberal Studies). The majority of our students are culinary majors, and during select trimesters they take only labs (9 day courses in a variety of culinary skills.) It’s possible, for instance, for a culinary student to take be out of academic classes for two consecutive terms.

What points two and three add up to is that each course, especially ones that are reading and/or writing intensive, should include some review or guidance in approaching assignments, as students aren’t necessarily steeped in the conversations of that discipline, as they may not have had consistent practice.

The last aspect unique to Johnson & Wales is the emphasis placed on experiential learning. Each student is required to do an internship as part of his or her undergraduate course work.

General Information

Welcome! We hope this guide helps you to get started as an adjunct instructor at Johnson & Wales University in Denver.  Please contact with feedback or suggestions.