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PSYC1001 Introductory Psychology

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in PSYC1001.

Research Tips!

Recommended Databases

Additional Databases

Empirical Research

Empirical Research is based on actual and objective observation and experimentation rather than theories or beliefs.

Empirical research articles should describe & discuss the results of empirical research studies. These articles can be found in academic (peer-reviewed) journals and often contain the following sections:

  • Abstract (Summary)
  • Introduction (Including literature review)
  • Methods or Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion and/or Conclusion
  • References (Bibliography)

Parts of an Annotated Bibliography

An annonation may include some or all of these parts: 

  • a citation to the source 
  • qualifications of the author(s)
  • purpose or scope of the work
  • topics covered
  • summary of findings or conclusions
  • audience or reading level
  • bias or standpoint of author(s)
  • relationship to works in the field
  • format/special features
  • relevance to your own research

Searching for Applied Research