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Outside Scholarship Guide: Welcome

JWU guide for outside scholarships!

Welcome to the Outside Scholarship Guide! 

This guide has been created to help new and current JWU students find outside scholarships to help fund their education. This guide is not intended to be an exhaustive scholarship source. Use this guide as a starting point along with the iGrad's Scholarship Search, and in conjunction with other scholarship resources. Always exercise caution when searching for scholarships and watch out for scams.  

What's an Outside Scholarship?  An outside scholarship is any scholarship not awarded by the government or school, such as a scholarship provided by a private sector company, philanthropist or foundation. Most outside scholarships require completing a separate application and fulfilling additional requirements. 

how to use this guide

Step 1: This guide is broken into separate tabs that read from left to right. Below is a brief description of each tab. Go explore!

Tab 1: Welcome (you are on this tab if you are reading this). 

Tab 2: Scholarships- this is a listing of scholarships we have been made aware of in which you may be eligible for. Scholarships are listed in descending order based on the anticipated month of its application deadline.

Tab 3: By College- scholarships applicable to a specific college/major. 

Tab 4: Monthly Scholarships/Contests

Tab 5: Military Veterans- scholarship opportunities for military veterans and/or their dependents.

Tab 6: Study Abroad- scholarship opportunities for students seeking to study abroad. 

Tab 7: Other Helpful Resources- this is the 'junk drawer' tab for all other resources to help you maximize your searching. 

Tab 8: Scholarship Success Stories- scholarship success stories from real JWU students to inspire your own search!

Tab 9 Undocumented Student Resources

Step 2: When applying for scholarships make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and check the deadline to make sure it hasn't passed yet. If it looks like a good fit for you, apply. Making a scholarship goal is a good idea; for example, your goal could be that you want to apply for one scholarship per week for a certain period of time. 

Step 3: If you earn a scholarship, congratulations! Make sure you send your Financial Planner a copy of the award letter ASAP, so that they can get that applied to your financial aid package/invoice. 


iGrad Scholarship Search Tool

iGrad is an award-winning, online Financial Literacy platform, focused on empowering YOU in making wise personal finance, student loan, and career decisions throughout life. One aspect of iGrad is their scholarship search tool. iGrad has 'built a student-first, school-first scholarship search engine'. For further details read their Quality Scholarship Promise

How do I access iGrad?

Current Students: Access iGrad through the "Finance" tab through your jwuLink account. Look for the 'Grad's Financial Wellness Tools' icon. 

New Students (who don't have a jwuLink account yet): Go to and click 'Get Started-It's Free!', to create an account.


Beware of Scholarship Scams!

How to recognize a scholarship scam: 

- indication that you won an award for which you didn't apply,

- does not supply valid contact information, 

- guarantees you will win an award, 

- requires personal financial information (such as, credit card numbers, checking account numbers, and/or social security numbers to verify or hold a scholarship). 

- be mindful, plan ahead, do your research, don't be in a rush,

- if the website looks sketchy or you get a odd feeling in your gut, that's probably a good sign to steer clear, 

- with in doubt, call the company/entity offering the scholarship and ask questions about the scholarship.



Your first step to securing need-based scholarships and grants should be applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year. 

File the FAFSA each year, starting October 13 Quick Tips to a Successful FAFSA Filing: Don't rush, link your IRS taxes, sign using FSA ID and submit!

Infographic: Tips for scoring a scholarship