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MGMT2030 Operations & Supply Chain Management I: Welcome

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in MGMT2030.

Research Project

Each student will be required to select an idea around which to build a business plan. The plan will become a cohesive project used in subsequent Entrepreneurship courses including ENTR2030, ENTR 2040, ENTR 3025, ENTR 3030 and, potentially, in ENTR 4089. The plan will include the following:

• Business Description: What is your concept?
• Mission/Vision/Values: Business philosophy?
• Management & Personnel: What do you bring to the game?
• Target Market/Competitive advantage: Who will buy & Why?
• Financials: What it will cost to start your business? Where will you get the money?

Your plan will be a written interpretation of your business idea. It should represent a realistic business venture that has future opportunity. To maintain realism, the start up cost of your business will not exceed $50,000.

Recommended Databases

Additional Databases