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CUL4045 Spirts & Mixology Management: Welcome

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in CUL4045.

Research Assignments

Term Project: For this class you are required to complete a term project for which you will develop a specialty drink menu and a paired foods menu.In addition to the menus, you will also write a research paper that will introduce and explain your chosen operation, demographics, anticipated clientele, and financial category, decor, staffing, philosophy, equipment and marketing. Included in the paper, you are expected to report on two brand name spirits or liqueurs within two separate liquor categories. The chosen liquors must be researched thoroughly exploring region of origin, historical significance, producers, production methods, labeling requirements and servability.

Beverage Journal: You will also need to complete a weekly journal entry which should include a liquor brand not covered in class along with a recipe for a cocktail. The entry should include the brand name, history/origins, production method and servability.  This can be in the form of a journal entry or an infographic.

Class Textbook

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Recommended Databases

Recommended Databases

Recommended Reference Books

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