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2016-2017 Workshops: Plagiarism

Preventing Plagiarism

How Common is Plagiarism & Cheating?

A survey of over 63,700 US undergraduate and 9,250 graduate students over the course of three years (2002-2005) conducted by Donald McCabe, Rutgers University, revealed the following:

Admit to: Undergraduate Graduate
Paraphrasing/copying few sentences from Internet source without footnoting 36% 24%
Paraphrasing/copying few sentences from written source without footnoting it 38% 25%
Fabricating/falsifying a bibliography 14% 7%
Copying materials almost word for word from a written source without citation 7% 4%
Turning in work done by another 7% 3%
Obtaining paper from term paper mill 3% 2%

More than 23,000 high school students across the U.S. participated in the 2012 Josephson Institute of Ethics survey. It indicated 32%, or nearly a third, of students admitted to copying sources from the Internet for school assignment.

Famous Plagiarists

Skip to the 1:00 mark to learn about famous cases of plagiarism.