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2015-2016 Workshops: Fall Orientation Workshop Rehash

Fall Orientation "Workshop Rehash"

Co-facilitated by Academic Technology Services and the Library, these sessions for faculty and staff will introduce freeware tools you and/or your students can use to create visually appealing and engaging infographics, virtual storymaps, and digital timelines. The workshops will provide ideas for using the tools in the classroom or office, a demonstration, and hands-on time to play with each of the tools.

Tuesday, September 1: 1:30-2:15 (Infographics) and 2:15-3:00 (Storymaps/Timelines).
Thursday, September 3: 1:30-2:15 (Infographics) and 2:15-3:00 (Storymaps/Timelines).

Making Assignments Visual

Creativity in Education

Why Incorporate Visual Assignments?

Visual assignments require students to engage with content in creative ways while developing valuable skills. This guide will introduce you to tools that can help facilitate visual assignments, present assignment examples, and inform you of current research on creativity in education.

Review the resources below to learn more about why creativity is important and how it benefits students:

Grading Resources