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Database Help: Welcome

Use this guide to find videos, tutorials, and search strategy tips for the databases to which the Library subscribes.

Off-Campus Access

The Library provides remote access to journals, magazines, newspapers, E-books, streaming videos, and more.

To access these resources from off-campus, when prompted, enter your JWU Wildcat email and password.

Journal Lookup

To see if JWU Library subscribes to a particular journal, just click on the link below and then type in the name of the journal.

Choosing a Database

Databases provide you with 24-7 access to magazine, journal and newspaper articles via the Internet. To help you identify the most appropriate database for your topic/subject, consult the:

  • descriptions listed under each database name
  • LibGuide that covers the subject area or topic.

To learn more about finding articles, check out the Library's Research Process Guide.


BOOLEAN - a method of combining terms in a logical way. Named for mathematician George Boole.

CONTROLLED VOCABULARY - A standardized word or phrase list.

DATABASE - A collection of computer records that have a standard format, usually containing Fields that are searchable.

DESCRIPTOR -Words or phrases used as Subject Headings in a database.

KEYWORD SEARCHING - Searching which uses a few important, words to retrieve books or articles on a specific topic.

OPERATOR - a word or symbol or phrase used in searching to combine search terms, usually AND, OR, NOT

THESAURUS - When an index or database uses Controlled Vocabulary the thesaurus is an alphabetical listing of the terms currently in use.

TRUNCATION - shortening a word to it's "trunk" with a wildcard symbol.  Used to find plurals or alternate spellings of words.

WILDCARD - a symbol used at the end of a word (Truncation) or in the middle, to represent missing letters.