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Center for Academic Support Home Page: Learning Strategies

Home page for the Center for Academic Support, Denver Campus

Want to study better not harder?

Check out all of our resources for helping you be a better student. Get more out of your classes by being prepared.  Learn some tips and tricks to understand and apply classroom learning to your life!  Get started by exploring all of the resources here!

Consider meeting with our Academic Coach. Together, you can identify skills to improve, build on strengths, and develop an action plan for academic success!  Click on the button below to make an appointment today.

Make an Online Appointment

Online Tutoring via SmartThinking

To provide additional tutoring assistance to students, JWU has partnered with Smarthinking, an online tutoring service.  

To sign up for a SmartThinking tutoring session:

  1. Log on to JWULink
  2. ​Go to the 'Registration and Grades' tab
  3. Scroll to "Tutoring and Homework Help"
  4. Click on the "SMARTHINKING" link.

Through SmartThinking you can:

  • Get feedback on essays.
  • Chat with a tutor using Drop-In Tutoring.
  • Use Scheduled Tutoring to set up a live session (must book at least 48 hours in advance).
  • Send an Offline Question and receive a reply from a tutor.


Can't study because people are talking around you?

Get some ear buds and try these links!  Play some white noise, calming piano or instrumental music in the background.  

Happy Studying!


Study Skills

Learning to study is half the battle!  Follow these tips to getting the most out of your classes.

Online Tutorials

Want some help online? Watch a video, do some practice problems, and develop skills with online tools.