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2015-2016 Workshops: Paperless with uLearn

Paperless Grading in uLearn

uLearn has many features that allow you to access and grade student work completely online. This page will help you learn to:

Minimize paper waste ♦ Reduce grading time ♦  Provide more timely feedback ♦  Increase organization ♦ and more....

Digital Essay Grading

Through the Assignment or Turnitin tools in uLearn, you can mark up, highlight, and leave notes on student papers that have been submitted electronically.  It is just like handwritten feedback, only digital.

Audio Feedback

Audio Feedback is another way to provide paperless feedback to students. Turnitin's Grade Mark tool lets you easily attach audio feedback, called Voice Comments, to student work.  To record, you can plug your cell phone's ear buds into your computer, or borrow a microphone from Academic Technology Services.

The main benefits of Audio Feedback are:

  • faster grading
  • higher quality feedback (clearer & more personalized)
  • shifts faculty role from evaluator to coach
  • better engagement with students


In addition to Turnitin, you can record audio feedback with your mobile device, a program called Audacity (available free on the web), or within Google Docs.

Self-Grading Quizzes & Tests

uLearn also allows you to create online quizzes and tests for students to complete in-class or from home.  Many of the question types you can choose from will automatically grade the student submissions and enter their grades into Grade Center.

Question Types
Automatically Graded Manually Graded      
Calculated Formula Essay
Calculated Numeric File Response
Either/Or Short Answer
Fill in Multiple Blanks  
Fill in the Blank  
Hot Spot  
Jumbled Sentence  
Multiple Answer  
Multiple Choice  
Opinion Scale/Likert  
Quiz Bowl  

You may allow students to see correct answers upon submission, or set the answers to release at a certain day and time.

Quizzes in Word

RESPONDUS If you have a test or quiz saved as a Microsoft Word document, you can use Respondus, (a program provided free from the University) to import your documents into a ulearn course site of your choice.

View the Respondus section of the faculty user guides for step-by-step instructions, or contact Melissa Izzo for training.