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What is going on in the Library?

Project Angel Heart - Cereal Drive

Help with Project Angel Heart's Summer Cereal Drive - July 1-July 31, 2019!  Just bring 1 or more healthy cereals and put them in the designated box on the front desk in the Library.

"Put breakfast on the table for neighbors with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other serious illinesses."  (Source:

Wipe Board Tables

NEW Whiteboard Study Tables!

Come check out the 4 NEW whiteboard tables in the Library!   We have dry erase markers and erasers for you to use on these tables to draw, color, write out equations or outlines.  Use them for fun or to help you study.  

Big Joe Bag

We Have NEW Seating!!

Come and try out our new Big Joe bags to sit (or sleep) in!  The Big Joe bags are filled with cut up foam and are super comfy.  We have a total of 4 of the Big Joe bags.  One is by the puzzle and three are back in the NEW quiet study area in the southeast corner of the Library.

Suggestion Box

The Library Suggestion Box

What suggestions do you have to make the Library a better place for you?  Let us know how we can help you!  Put your suggestions in the Library Suggestion Box, located at the front desk in the Library.

Chess Anyone?

Not only do we have games that you can check out, but we also have games located in various places in the library that you can play! 

A Variety of DVDs

The Library has a plethora of DVDs!  We have many of the latest and the greatest DVDs for you to watch.  You can check out up to 25 DVDs for 7 days.  

Come See the NEW Games!

Look at the new games we have in the Library!  If these don't suit your taste you can also look at our list of games at the front desk in the Library. 

Graphic Novels

Have you seen our graphic novels collection?   If you haven't, it is worth scoping out!  According to Lindsay Smith, 

"A graphic novel has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Experimental forms, like in novels, may yield non-linear narratives, but unlike a comic strip (which uses different panels, typically 3-5, to tell a short, episodic vignette), a graphic novel tells a complete story." 

Puzzle Time

We also have a puzzle out at all times.  Once a puzzle has been finished we usually will glue it and hang in the Library. Check out the puzzles that are currently hanging in the Library!

Brain Breaks

Tired of studying?  Need a break?  Come visit our Brain Break table.  You can color, play with a slinky, build blocks, or even build monkeys!

NEW Quiet Area

This summer the Library staff rearranged some furniture in the southeast corner of the Library and we now have a NEW designated quiet area in addition to the quiet room.  In the new quiet area we have several study carrels, Big Joe bags, and a table for you to have some quiet study time or just quiet time.  Don't forget we also have earplugs at the front desk if you need them.  

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Summer Library and CAS Hours

Sunday : Closed

Monday: 8am - 4pm

Tuesday: 8am - 4pm

Wednesday: 8am -4pm

Thursday: 8am - 4pm

Friday: 8am - 1pm

Saturday: Closed

Closed July 4th and 5th