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ENG1020 English Composition: Welcome

Find resources for your research assignment(s) in ENG1020.

Research Assignment

In this course, you have assignments that will benefit from or require research.

The Library provides subject guides to assist you with researching a wide variety of topics.  You can search or browse these guides by visiting the Library homepage and clicking on Subject Guides in the Quick Links box.

The Library also provides many subject specific and general databases to assist you with finding information.  You can search these databases by visiting the Database A-Z guide.

Class Textbook

Denver Public Library

Worldcat Discovery Search

Recommended Databases

Additional Databases

Periodicals Defined

Periodicals are publications which are issued at regular intervals, such as journals, magazines, and newspapers.

To help you identify different periodicals, refer to the Types of Periodicals guide.

What is a Database?

A database is a collection of information organized to provide efficient retrieval. The collected information could be in any number of formats (electronic, printed, graphic, audio, statistical, combinations). There are physical (paper/print) and electronic databases.

Databases can include:

Keyword Resources